Two Commonly Asked Questions About Scissor Lifts

Posted on: 16 March 2015

There are several factors to consider when choosing an elevated work platform. Some of these factors include the nature of work to be done using the platform, your budget and even your personal preference.

Scissor lifts have been used as elevated work platforms for a long time. Before you choose to use a scissor lift as your preferred work elevation platform, you should have as much information about the mentioned equipment and its use. The article below provides answers to two among the most commonly asked questions about scissor lifts and their use.

What Are The Available Types Of Scissor Lifts?

Before you set out to hire a scissor lift, you need to understand the available types of lifts in order to help you make the best choice. Scissor lifts are categorized according to their lift mechanism.

  • Hydraulic scissor lifts: These lifts rely on fluid pressure to facilitate up-and-down movement of the elevated work platform. Hydraulic oil is pressurized so as to produce the energy required for scissor-lift operation. For this reason, the operation of hydraulic scissor lifts can be affected by fluctuation in temperature which tampers with the viscosity of hydraulic oil within the lift.
  • Mechanical scissor lifts: Mechanical scissor lifts are powered using electricity or diesel oil. An electric-powered scissor lift relies on electrical energy for lift operation and will often be used for indoor activities in relatively small spaces. On the other hand, diesel powered scissor lifts are not suitable for indoor use because of the fumes produced during lift operation.
  • Pneumatic scissor lifts: These lifts rely on the action of air pressure to facilitate movement. A pneumatic scissor lift will compress atmospheric air to provide energy for lift operations. Pneumatic lifts are the most eco-friendly scissor lifts and can be used in any work environment.

How Can One Manage The Safety Risks Associated With The Use Of Scissor Lifts?

After you hire the scissor lift, there are a few things you could do to guarantee your safety when using the lift.

  • Avoid Over-loading: Scissor lifts have specific weight ratings which should never be exceeded. Over-loading a scissor lift makes it very easy for the lift to tip over mid-way through the activity. The weight rating of the lift can be found on the lift's specifications detailed in the owner's manual
  • Keep away from the lift's guard rails: The guard rails on a scissor lift are not designed to bear a lot of weight. You should therefore avoid leaning or standing on these rails so as to prevent them from breaking and to prevent personal injury.



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