Vibrating Screens: Factors Affecting the Rate of Wear

Posted on: 18 March 2015

Vibrating screens have become indispensable in most industrial environments because they improve the efficiency of production where there are extensive screening tasks. Different sizes and configurations of screens are available and your choice will depend on the application.

For instance, there are small products reserved for laboratory and pharmaceutical sorting while large circular screens are used in the mining industry. These machines are ideal investments for industrial companies because they are precise in sorting and have high production capacities compared to manual systems.

If you purchase this equipment, it is vital that you take precautions to prevent accelerated wear of the screen. This will mitigate the need for frequent repairs and reduce the total downtime. Here are the main factors that contribute to screen damage.

Screen Choice

Industrial vibrating screens are designed to handle specific tasks so they can only meet demands that are within the machine's parameters. It is crucial for you to explain your precise requirements to the supplier so that they will provide exactly what you need.

The factors considered during selection include the properties of the material to be screened, the amplitude, surface tilt and motion mode of the screen as well as the capacity of the screening hole. If you choose the wrong net material or inaccurate machine specifications, the requirements of the screening task will not be met. The equipment will be pushed beyond capacity and degradation will occur.

Feeding Capacity

The materials to be screened are constantly fed into the equipment as the vibrating system operates. This simultaneous function enhances efficiency of the process and improves the production returns. However, you should know the limits of your machine to limit damage to the asset. If you feed the screen a lot of material, the sieve surface will be blocked and the normal operating capacity will be severely compromised.

The excess load will cause the screen net to become loose, possibly tear and contribute to the reduction of throughput. Additionally, the sudden weight will increase the demand on the vibration motor and the subsequent attempt to meet the requirements is likely to cause total breakdown. It is important to ensure that the feeding process is kept consistent to avoid screen fatigue and motor damage.

Tension Strength

It is vital that the screen net is installed and maintained according to the manufacturer's specifications. If the tension strength of the feature is not sufficient, the vibrating screen will start trembling during operation. Consequently, there will be cracking and distortion along the edge of the screen.

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