5 Types of Fridges You Can Rent

Posted on: 24 March 2015

If you can't afford a fridge because of your budget, or you only need a fridge for a special occasion, then you can rent one and still obtain the same benefits as if you owned it. So what it comes down to is the kind of fridge you want to rent, and to help you out, here are some of the more popular styles on the market.

Deli Display Fridge—If you are holding some kind of food festival in which deli items such as salami, ham and pepperoni need to be kept cold, then a deli display fridge is perfect for your event. A deli display fridge has an all-glass covering that lets people see the food on display, and the glass can be raised for easy access to the food. In addition, deli display fridges have storage under the main refrigeration area and are often available on wheels so you can move the unit without much effort.

Pastry Display Fridge—Similar to a deli display fridge, a pastry display fridge has a clear glass top, but these fridges typically come with two or more shelves so that you can display your pastries with maximum visual appeal. Pastry display fridges also have a flat top surface for you to showcase even more cakes, cookies and confections, and they have internal lighting so that you can enhance the appearance of your pastries.

Side-by-side Fridge—A side-by-side fridge is ideal for a flat or home, and is a fridge that has two doors of equal size and length with handles for each door. Typically, the left side of a side by side fridge contains the freezer, and the right side is the fridge. Side by side fridges are efficient and have a modular shape that can fit most design plans. You can get them in white or stainless steel, and you can also add extras such as an ice and water dispenser for a few more dollars a month.

Single Door Fridge—A single door fridge is a smaller fridge than a side by side fridge, and is good if you have limited space. This type of fridge holds less food than a side by side fridge because the freezer and fridge are in the same area, with the freezer usually either at the top or at the bottom, leaving less room for fridge space. Single door fridges are the most affordable type of full-size fridge you can rent.

Bar Fridge—If you want to add a fridge for your man cave, or a den, or you need a fridge for your office, a bar fridge may be the most economical way to go. Bar fridges are about a fourth of the size of a side by side fridge, and they only have one small compartment. They are built to hold drinks, but you can also store a few grocery items in these fridges, which also have a small freezer section as well. Bar fridges won't work well if you want to use them as your main fridge, but they are ideal if you just need a fridge to hold drinks and a few food items.

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