The Materials Handling Equipment Every Contractor Or Production Facility Needs

Posted on: 26 March 2015

The right materials handling equipment can make any job go easier on a contractor and even help to protect certain materials and supplies. They can also make moving materials faster and safer in a production facility, speeding up the production process. Because there is no end to the number of pieces you can purchase, note the materials handling equipment every contractor or production facility should consider.

1. Drywall loaders

Drywall is notorious for getting broken on a construction site or during renovation, since its lighter weight makes it easy for sheets of this material to snap right down the middle. Drywall is also meant to be cut and scored, so trying to carry it any distance or hand it off to others without having it break can be a challenge. It's also easy to damage sheets of drywall simply by accidentally walking into them or bumping into them with a tool belt.

A drywall loader is a must-have for any contractor that does construction, and any facility that loads or unloads drywall sheets. This loader will keep drywall secure and also lift it to upper floors when needed. This protects the drywall and keeps you from having to purchase replacement pieces.

2. Conveyors

Conveyors are a good choice for any type of manufacturing facility and temporary conveyors can be set up on jobsites. These help to move pieces of equipment from one area to another without requiring physical exertion by workers. This protects the equipment from being damaged if it were dropped, and can also make transport easier and faster. In a production facility, materials can be quickly sent from one area of the floor to another, and on a jobsite, a conveyor can make it safer to remove materials from an upper floor rather than just tossing them to the ground or trying to hand them off to workers below.

3. Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts are good for moving materials and workers who need to be elevated. They have the advantage of allowing workers to safely bring other tools and materials with them when being elevated, versus having to juggle these things while climbing a ladder. Contractors may find scissor lifts easier to work with when they need to climb onto roofs or work on ceilings, and for outdoors, they can be safer to use when trimming trees or working on lights and wiring. The flat platform also protects materials that need to be carried, such as light bulbs for streetlights or roofing tiles for a roof repair job.


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