Conveyor Products and Solutions for Your Small Bakery Business

Posted on: 21 April 2015

When you opened your bakery business, you were likely working out of your kitchen and handling small orders. As your business grew, you may have moved to a small store where you could bake and ship your items out to customers. As the business grew you started handling higher quantity orders and now you need some kind of conveyor or solution to help you get the orders out faster and easier. If this sounds like your situation, there are a few conveyor products and solutions that may work for you.

Combining Conveyors

If you are handling large orders on a daily or weekly basis, a combining conveyor may be ideal. This type of solution lets you load the conveyor with a large quantity of cookies, muffins, cakes, or any item and have them fed down the line, through dividers, and eventually to a single line that is easy to sort and pack. You can find them in several lengths and sizes to fit your needs. This type of solution also lets you choose the speed, so if you are dealing with larger items you can slow the speed of the belt and if you are dealing with smaller items like cookies you can speed it up.

Stacking Machines

A stacking machine is ideal if you need to box up cookies, donuts, or cakes and you need to make sure they are even and easy to index and count. The stacking machines are fully automated and you can get them in down stacking, up stacking, or destacking options. Some machines are available that can do all three types of stacking options depending on your needs. This is a must have conveyor product and solution if you are starting to take on very large orders and multiple orders each day.

Glass Handling Conveyors and Solutions

From time to time you may have an item on your menu list that is contained in glass. For example, you may offer several gifts in a jar or dry mixes that are bottled and stored in glass mason jars. If this is the case, you want a solution that can gently handle, sort, stack, or package the items. A glass handling machine may be the ideal option. These solutions are designed to gently move, place, and stack your glass items to avoid breakage and can save you time if you choose a packing machine that works alongside the glass handling conveyor.

These are just three conveyor products and solutions to consider for your small and growing bakery business. Other options are available and can be discussed with a professional representative or local conveyor manufacturer such as Belle Banne Conveyor Products.  


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