Turn Timber Crates Into Storage Solutions With These Five Fun Ideas

Posted on: 13 May 2015

Tired of clutter and looking for a place to put it all? Timber crates are an affordable, fun and easy way to fill your home with storage solutions. Tap into your creative side and use the following projects to organise your home.

1. Shelves

Building shelves out of timber crates is easy. Simply paint or stain your crates, stack them on top of each other and fill with your favourite books, decorations or linens.

If you want to get creative, mix and match different sizes of crates, hang your crate shelves on the wall in a fun pattern or create a massive entertainment center out of timber crates.

2. Coffee Table

To build a  table, position the crates together so that their open sides face out and their backs touch each other -- if you have four crates, you will have one open storage bin on every side of your coffee table.

To make this project more rustic, line crates into a narrow rectangle and make the tabletop out of a repurposed barn door.

3. Shoe Bench

If you are tired of tripping over shoes when you walk in the door, build a bench out of crates. Simply line up a series of crates – you can easily hook them together with metal brackets or screws. Then, create the top of the bench by gluing or nailing a piece of plywood to the top of the timber and stain it all to match.

Now you can store your shoes and outer clothes under the bench, and if you add a cushion, you have a nice spot to sit when you want to put on or take off your shoes.

4. Toy Box

For mobile and versatile storage, take a timber crate and put a couple of caster wheels on it. You can use this little box to hold anything from toiletries to toys. If you use it as a toy box, make sure you have sanded all the edges so your child doesn't get any splinters.   

5. Dog Kennel/Side Table

When space is tight, objects that fulfill two functions are legendary. With a large timber crate, you can make a stylish end table that doubles as a doggy kennel. For this project, you need a timber crate with a door, or you can add a door to it. Add a blanket inside the crate, and you have a stylish and discreet place to "store" your dog.


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