How to Get the Best Service from Your Liftgate

Posted on: 21 May 2015

A liftgate is a mechanical device used to lift or lower loads from a vehicle such as a truck. It uses an electrical or hydraulic system to ease the loading or offloading task so that less labor is required and the cargo is not exposed to unnecessary risks of being damaged during the loading process.

Like all mechanical systems, liftgates need to be customized and used correctly so that they perform as expected. This article discusses some tips that will enable you to get the most optimal use from your liftgate:

Watch Out for Rust

Liftgates are prone to rust so you need to take precautionary measures to protect your unit from this condition. You can ensure that your liftgate does not succumb to rust by giving it a protective coat of paint on a regular basis, such as once each year, or depending on its condition as you use it on a day-by-day basis.

If you notice that rough work conditions are scraping off the protective coating sooner than you had anticipated, do not wait for the time you had scheduled to paint the liftgate; immediately paint it so that you protect it from corrosion.

Be Careful Which Hydraulic Fluid You Use

Different work and environmental conditions call for the use of different kinds of hydraulic fluid. For instance, the hydraulic fluid that is ideal for hot environments can be ill suited to cold climates. Get the hydraulic fluid that is suited for your area. If you live in place where temperatures drop rapidly, get hydraulic fluid that can stand up to those conditions. In this way, your liftgate will remain working efficiently despite the fickle weather in which you are operating.

Always Have Extra Batteries

Liftgates get their power from batteries that support the hydraulic system. It is therefore very important that you have additional batteries on hand so that you don't fully drain a battery before recharging it. The standby batteries will allow you to work nonstop without affecting the lifespan of your batteries. In this way, you will avoid the drop in liftgate productivity that is normally noticed as an overworked battery wears out.

It is very important that you work with the technical staff of liftgate suppliers so that you get the right a liftgate with the appropriate specifications for your operating conditions and vehicle. You will have nothing to complain about once you have the right liftgate and you implement the tips above. 


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