Today's Trends in Custom Displays for Retail Stores

Posted on: 18 June 2015

Choosing custom displays for your retail store can allow you to design a store that stands out from the crowd, and which encourages more foot traffic through the door and more purchasing from your customers. Custom displays and display stands allow you to highlight favorite products that are best sellers, and ensure that customers see smaller products like jewelry and accessories.

If you want to increase the visibility of products in your retail store, you might note some trends in custom displays. These can get your store and your products noticed and help create a unique look:

1. Reclaimed items

Because recycling is so important for many people today, using reclaimed items can help to set an Eco-friendly tone in your store. When customers see reclaimed items or those that look as if they're being salvaged and used for display, they can get the impression that you're making Eco-friendly choices for your displays and in turn, respond more readily to your store.

Consider items like shipping pallets for floor displays, kegs and barrels for bulk items, or old coffee tables and other furniture pieces for stands. You can even use reclaimed office items, such as a mail cart on wheels for displaying large items. Anything that makes your customers feel as if you're recycling items and keeping them out of landfills can be a welcome choice.

2. Natural materials

Natural materials always feel more welcoming for customers, and you can opt for these for custom displays and stands. Instead of Lucite and plastic, choose bamboo shelving and wood for racks and risers. Bamboo and other woods can even be used for mannequins or busts used to display jewelry. Even metal can have a more natural feeling than plastic, so choose metal shelves or metal stands for clothing displays.

3. Interactive displays

With so many computer programs available for displays, there is no reason that your customers cannot actually interact with them while in your store. You might have a stand that allows customers to sample different music or actually play video games that are on sale, or stands that take their weight if you sell weight loss supplements.

Interactive displays can also allow customers to touch the screen and in turn, a video is started that shows a product in action, such as sporting goods and equipment or boating supplies. These can also be informative; they may explain the use of certain products or show their benefits, so that your display stand then becomes a selling tool.

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