Top Four Tips for Heat Pump Repairs – Compressor Style

Posted on: 1 July 2015

Your heat pump is made up of a lot of different things; for example there is the compressor and to be honest the compressor is well known for being the most vulnerable part of the entire heat pump system. This is because it is the part of the system that deals with the exchange of gas through all of the cooling and heating mechanisms. Since the compressor is so delicate it needs to be properly taken care of and maintained at all times; there are a lot of pump repairs done because of issues with the compressor.

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The heat pump itself moves the air that is on the outside of the house and uses it to either cool down the whole house or to heat up the whole house. A compressor is needed for a heat pump system of any kind to work because they are what increase the amount of pressurized air that flows through the system like how a pump itself increases the pressure and or flow of the water.

Possible Problem:

You may not be aware of whenever there is a problem with your compressor or pump system but you need know that some problems can easily be detected. For starters if you hear weird noises coming from the compressor than it is not working right and then if the house is not heating or cooling properly it is not working correctly either. If you don't know what you are doing it is best to have someone come in and take a look at things; with that being said make sure that they look at all of the parts before just coming out and saying that indeed the problem is with the compressor.

Common Problems:

The most common problem is with the heat pump not cooling down as it should; when this happens the system also tends to run longer than what it should run. This problem is usually because the compressor itself has lost the ability to compress the Freon. Another problem is when there is abnormal pressure with the readings; there should be certain readings for the compressor input and the compressor output. When this happens it is normally because the pistons on the inside of the cylinder are too tight.

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