A Beginner's Guide to Power Tools

Posted on: 10 August 2015

If you've never bought power tools before, you need to remember that these tools should be purchased according to function and durability, not just according to their price, if they come in a set, or if they're slim and compact. Power tools need to stand up to rigours of vibration, heat, friction and need to be strong enough to get the job done. Note a few tips you might remember before you buy your first set of power tools and how to make the right choice.

1. Avoid store brands

One reason to avoid store brands is that the parts and pieces needed to operate these tools are often only sold at that store, and you may need to buy parts and pieces that are specifically compatible with them. This can narrow your options for getting drill bits, battery packs and the like when you want to get additional parts for your tools. Stick to name brands that are available everywhere so your options won't be limited.

2. Consider the internal parts

Power tools will have internal gears, switches and other such parts. Note the materials of these parts. Are they simply plastic or are they advertised as being all-metal? Plastic pieces may tend to break down faster or crack more readily, especially when used for jobs that may create heat. Trying to saw through metal with a saw that has plastic parts can mean heat being conducted from the metal being cut to the saw's parts, and in turn, they break. Don't just look at the external housing and things like tips and bits when buying power tools, but note the material of the internal parts as well.

3. Look for external cords and battery compatibility

External cords, or those noted to be safe for use outdoors, will have a thicker rubber coating than standard power cords. This is safer for use in damp conditions. Even if you only plan on using your power tools inside or in the garage, you don't want to risk having the cord come into contact with water, oil or anything else that may be unsafe.

You can also buy power tools that run on battery power alone, but if you do, choose those that use a compatible battery. This will mean not having to swap out the battery every time you want to use a new tool. Note the lifespan of the battery according to the tool, and invest in one that offers the most minutes of power for the price you can afford. 

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