Top 4 Storage Solutions for Bulky Goods

Posted on: 29 March 2016

Thanks to the increase in international trade, importation of goods has become quite common nowadays. Depending on the range of goods you are bringing in, be it for business or personal purposes, storing them could at times be a problem. Luckily, you have come to the right place. If you have just imported large volume goods for the first time, below are a few of the best places you could consider for storing them.

Hire a Shipping Container 

One of the benefits of hiring a shipping container is that it is highly flexible. With renting, you only have to go for the container that suits your needs. Remember, you might not always import the same quantity or type of goods all the time. You may need a large container and at times just a small or medium sized one.

You could also choose to buy a shipping container. It'll save costs if you're a frequent importer of a stable quantity of goods. You won't have to keep on paying for one every time you need it.

Use Your Garage

This is probably the most economical option for storing bulky goods. To begin with, you wouldn't have to pay extra rent if you owned the property you live in. Even if you did, it wouldn't be as costly as a warehouse. Moreover, having your goods at home would offer you better monitoring capacity than if they were in a warehouse somewhere. Your garage would also give you security that you could always reinforce using complex lock systems and stronger door materials. It would also provide you with an option of long term or short term storage, since you are under no storage time limits.

Buy a Mini Storage Box

Unlike your ordinary container, these mini ones are easier to fit in your backyard. One advantage of the mini container is that it is great for pick and drop services because it is lighter and easier to move. This not only gives you the benefit of easy storage but for transportation as well. Since containers are always sold based on their material and length, a mini storage box would be less costly than your standard storage container.

Build a Barn

If you have enough space and are looking to save substantial rental costs, raising a barn would be a great storage solution. Though it may not be as secure as a steel container or stone-walled garage, it will still get the job done. Since it is made mostly of timber, it can easily be deconstructed and expanded for more storage space, giving you more flexibility.


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