What to Look For When Choosing Two-Way Radios

Posted on: 9 June 2016

Two-way radios can keep you in touch with friends when out exploring nature or with family and hired hands when working on your farm or ranch. Whatever your needs for two-way radios, you want to ensure you invest in a set that will work for you without overspending on features that you'll actually never use. Note a few things to look for and consider when you're in the market for a set of two-way radios.


It may seem like a small thing but remember that your two-way radios will work on batteries; however, not all will work with rechargeable batteries. If you plan on using your two-way radios frequently, choose ones that accept rechargeable batteries or that have their own battery with a charging pack, otherwise you may find you spend far too much on disposable batteries.

Weather radio channel

Many two-way radios have a channel that is used by local weather services, and this can be essential if you're in the wilderness or even out on your farm or ranch. Being able to quickly access storm reports can mean getting to shelter as needed, and having this feature on your two-way radios will also mean not having to keep a standard radio nearby to get those reports.


VOX usually stands for voice-activated system, so that the radio immediately engages when you speak in its direction. This can be good for skiers or bikers, or anyone working on a farm or elsewhere. You don't need to stop what you're doing and grab the radio every time you need to use it with a VOX feature.

Range of coverage

Two-way radios often advertise their range of coverage, but note that this is usually in good weather conditions and without any type of interference. If you'll be using your radios in the woods or on the mountains for skiing, your surroundings can greatly interfere with its overall range. Invest in a wider or broader range than you think you'll need to ensure you have open communication at all times.

Size and weight

Don't underestimate how cumbersome a two-way radio can be when you're backpacking or working on your farm; you might want a larger radio for a broader range of coverage or a longer battery life, but if it becomes too heavy to carry all day, it can interfere with your hiking or work. Look for a size and weight you can easily manage for the expected time you'll be carrying the radio.


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