Why Buyers Should Pick Stainless Steel Garbage Cans over Plastic Cans

Posted on: 30 June 2016

The popularity of stainless steel garbage cans among homeowners is attributed to an assortment of designs and shapes available. Furthermore, affordability, elegance, and practicality are some of the factors that customers consider when purchasing a garbage can. The stainless steel type offers these qualities because as much as it may initially seem expensive, it is a valuable home accessory. Here are some of the benefits of stainless steel garbage cans and why you should consider them over plastic cans.

Maintains High Hygiene Standards -- Unlike plastic, stainless steel, after continued use, does not absorb the smell of garbage in the can. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the irritating smell that is left in the can long after the garbage has been collected. Plus, it is also easy to clean. This garbage can, therefore, gives your home a bright feel.

Durability -- Plastic cans may be relatively durable in some instances, but they are easily susceptible to cracks and breakages when poorly handled. Stainless steel garbage cannot easily crack or break when bumped or dropped. However, owners should take care not to bump them because they may develop unsightly dents, especially when placed inside the kitchen.     

Variety and Convenience --There are many different varieties, shapes, and designs of stainless steel garbage cans a customer can consider. You may consider the old version that requires opening the lid manually when emptying garbage or the touchless option with sliding tops or pedals. Discerning customers prefer the latter design that allows people to empty garbage without touching the can. This option makes it convenient for kitchen use.

Match other Stainless Steel Kitchen items -- Many kitchen appliances such as dishwasher, cooker, refrigerators, and utensils are often made of stainless steel. A garbage can that matches other kitchen appliances would create a distinct and stylish look characterized by a shiny touch. Plastic materials cannot provide this matching quality needed to accentuate your kitchen. Such a simple accessory can leave your visitors amazed by your kitchen. Therefore, a stainless steel can is as much an aesthetic appliance as a tool for holding garbage. 

Animal Proof -- It can be annoying when your pet hits the can and you have to collect the garbage off the floor more than once. Many designs of galvanized steel garbage bins have an animal proof mechanism as a standard feature. The lock system is designed to keep animals such as dogs and squirrels out of your garbage. The can is equipped with a lock mechanism to shut the lid even when it falls. Some plastic cans have this lock mechanism but they can be pricier than their stainless steel counterparts.


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