Selecting the Best Case Insert

Posted on: 18 July 2016

Case inserts can be helpful in the area of protecting your building equipment during transportation and keeping any electrical equipment from conducting electricity. When it comes time for you to make a decision and buy a case insert, do you know what factors you should look at when you make a purchase?


You need to know the equipment's size in two areas: weight and surface area. The weight is to know how much packaging you will need along with what type. If an item is extremely heavy, it may sink through a thin piece of foam. The surface area is pertinent so that you know how large the foam case insert should be. You do not want a piece of equipment partly overhanging the foam insert.

Equipment Delicacy

Before you can decide on a case insert to fit your equipment, you need to know how fragile your pieces are. You cannot simply buy a case insert and fit it to the size of its surface area unless you know how much protection the piece needs. Hand tools and any industrial machinery has the ability to withstand almost any amount of pressure or shaking, and you do not need to take much caution if you are packaging those items. However, once you reach items such as LCD screens or electronics such as cameras or computers, you should be more careful about packaging them. The most fragile category contains the following: pre-aligned scientific equipment, precision test instruments, or delicate aeronautical equipment. When transporting this last category of items, you should use the thickest case inserts available.


Various types of foam perform better in different jobs. Anti-static polyethylene foam is a foam that specifically focuses on reducing any transference of electrical charge. This foam can be used for many purposes, but its main purpose is to protect against electricity. Polyethylene, on the other hand, is a thick, strong foam that can be used with heavier equipment. It does not have a large "give," which would mean the heavy equipment would sink through the foam and not be protected. Last of all, polyurethane should be used for lighter equipment that has a large volume compared with a relatively small weight; this foam will cushion your equipment.

When you are selecting a case insert, you need to know your equipment well. You must know its size, weight, and delicacy before you can select the appropriate type of case insert.


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